Past Projects

BLM Neighborhood Fuel Reduction and Chipping Project

Under National Fire Plan grants from the California Fire Safe Council through the Bureau of Land Management the Eastern Madera County Fire Safe Council Inc. is implementing a comprehensive approach to fuel reduction in neighborhoods nestled within national forest and others open space in Eastern Madera County.

Individual property owners are encourage to do fuel reduction by the FSC offering curbside chipping. The property owner thins their property and stacks the resultant waste butt ends out on the curb and contacts the FSC. We then send out a chipper to take care of the waste. This discourages open air burning which is causing air quality issues even at higher altitudes.

Those who are unable to do their own thinning are offered a no-cost opportunity to achieve basic minimum clearances around their property through our program. The FSC will send out a crew with chipper to do the thinning for the property owner.

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